I feel like McKenna gets a lot of love on the blog because she is getting big enough to be involved in more things and is constantly saying something hilarious that I want to document. But I want to make sure I give equal “blog-time” to my little one. So here are a few things you should know about Miss Avery-Cakes at the old age of 19 months.

10. She can count to 13!! It is so adorable to hear her do it even though most of the time she won’t do it when I try to get her to. Instead she will randomly count all by herself when we are riding down the road and I have no way of documenting it.

9. She is starting to have “NO!” fits. Not familiar with “NO!” fits? Its when everything you try to give her or do for her to make her happy just causes her to scream “No! No! No!” It’s really fun at church to do this.

8. She’s a little on the clumsy/accident prone side. She falls a lot. I haven’t had her 18 month pictures made yet because I’ve been waiting for her face to be free from goose eggs etc. She has no fear. She will climb on anything in sight and proceed to jump off. She is my brave girl. She isn’t afraid of a dark hallwall or to be left alone in a room.

7. She loves books. Her favorites are the “Big Red Barn” and “Goodnight Moon” – both by Margaret Wise Brown. I guess that is her favorite author at this point.
6. She loves Thomas the Train, Calliou and Barney. She usually wakes up around the same time as Chad and I and she will lay in our bed drinking a bottle (yes that leads me to #5) in the mornings while I get ready and watch Calliou and then Barney.

5. She’s still on the bottle train. She LOVES her bottle. In my mind, I know it is time to take the bottle away. But since my husband informs me that she is our last baby, I can’t stand the thought of the bottles being gone from my house. I can’t stand the thought of taking the bottle top holder out of the dishwasher. Once it is out, it will be out for good. I can’t think about that right now. She is a milk-a-holic. She probably drinks 30-40 oz of milk a day, depending on her mood. She LOVES milk. 4. She has a sweet tooth too. Two of the words we hear most often are “Candy” and “Cookie.” She learned many months ago exactly where Granna kept the cookies and how to get in the cookie jar. Now she goes and gets a cookie and puts the lid back on all by herself. Oreos and Chocolate Chip are her favorites. At the Easter egg hunt at church she started picking up the eggs, opening them and taking the candy out and then throwing the egg back on the ground. I guess she didn’t want those plastic eggs taking up precious candy space in her basket. 3. She loves SHOES. She will put on any pair of shoes she can find and trapse around the house in them. She especially loves high heels. May be related to #8 and her injuries.

2. She loves her big sister. She thinks they are the same size. She loves to follow her around and try to do everything “Sis-ta” or “Menna” does. I love to see them roll around in the floor and love on each other.

1. She is the MOST LOVING child I have ever seen. Everytime you pick her up she lays her little head on your shoulder like she is so glad you picked her up. When she gets too big for that, I think I will miss it the most.

Those are just 10 of the millions of things that I love about my baby girl. We are so blessed to have her as a part of our family.

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