Road Trip (continued)

This post is a continuance of the White Lake post.

After a great 24 hours at White Lake the girls and I loaded up and headed to Myrtle Beach, SC to meet my Mom, Annya and her fiance. My parents have a motor home. We love to go camping in it. I usually only have to pack a few outfits for the girls because Mom has it stocked to high heaven with everything one could need or possibly need.

We camped in Myrtle Beach Travel Park, in case you are interested. It is right on the beach and is my favorite camp ground in Myrtle Beach. I hardly ever use the bath houses in a camp ground because the thought of it just grosses me out. But the bath houses in Myrtle Beach Travel Park are so nice and clean that I use them, even though the motor home has a full bathroom. So that is my little review of Myrtle Beach Travel Park. Overall, I love it but they do have some stupid parking fees for additional vehicles.

So back to the good stuff. We did a LOT of shopping. Gymboree Outlet was having a sale. *Sigh* This is the same Gymboree Outlet that I waited 2 hours to check out in the middle of the night on Black Friday. I got some great deals though! 17 items for $63! Plus I got $25 in Gymbucks. (Side note – When I got home to spend the gymbucks, there was a lady in the store who gave me her $25 in Gymbucks so I ended up with $50! SCORE!)

My point is, we shopped A LOT.

But we did hit up the beach a few times. I am so paranoid about my children getting sunburnt that by the time we actually make it out to the beach I am a nervous wreck. Don’t know if you are aware or not, but according to some study, some where, the more sunburns a child gets between ages 0 and 18 determines their risk for skin cancer later in life. So, slather those babies in sunscreen people!

Another reason that I am nervous wreck by the time we get to the beach? All the mess you have to take and how dirty it gets. Case in point…
McKenna and I built sandcastles and Miss Avery stomped them down.

We went to the beach late in the afternoon and it was much more pleasant. The tide was out. There was much more room and less people. I am told this is when sharks feed. I didn’t know that at the time. Regardless, we were in a little trench river left by the tide and just sat and played in it. It was the perfect spot for the girls!
McKenna still wore her life jacket though.
No. That is not my hat. I borrowed it from Mom. But I’ve decided it’s pretty awesome. Very Jackie O of me. All (two) of my followers know that I am a Jackie O at heart. And it matched my navy blue swimsuit perfectly!

We did manage to squeeze in a little computer time. We working girls have a tough life!
Notice the bags and bags of clothes from our shopping. And, ok. That’s really a DVD player Averycakes is “working on.”

We went to a matinee of the new Pirates show on July 4th. I thought the show was fantastic. I can’t get over how much they have changed the building from when it was the Dixie Stampede. What was the inside of the arena is now a huge pool made to look like a bay with two pirate ships docked in it. There is a lot of diving, rope swinging from ship to ship and acrobatics. They even have a huge seal. (Ok. Maybe it was a Walrus…or something else. I’m not exactly up to date on my marine animals.) Moms was not as impressed and declared that she “didn’t like pirate music” during the pre-show. I didn’t know Pirate Music was its own genre. I did find it hard to hear and understand what they were saying from time to time. And at one point in the show a projector comes down and shows a video of Dolly Parton dressed as a mermaid singing a mermaid song. That was a bit of a stretch to me. Food was delicious and the menu is about the same as when it was the Dixie Stampede except now you get mashed potatoes and they give you a fork to eat with. I am a fan of eating utensils. So that is my little Pirates Voyage review.

All in all, we had a great time. We (i.e. Mom) cooked out at the camper at night. We took in the fireworks on the 4th from the beach! Can’t wait til next time!

Now you are up to date on the road that we took almost a month ago 🙂 and it is time for me to get these children ready for church!

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