Avery’s First Haircut

We had my sweet baby’s hair cut for the first time this past week.  She is getting so big!  McKenna didn’t get her first haircut until she was three but Miss Avery’s hair is so thin and frayed that it was looking scraggly really needed to be trimmed up so it would grow.



We ventured to Miss Rina’s and let McKenna get a little trim first so that Avery could see that it was not a big deal.  Clearly, a two year old would understand that.  Miss Rina’s #1 rule is that kids get candy when they get their hair cut.  So McKenna has no problem climbing up in the chair.


Avery did not react as planned.

She thought about getting in the chair for a while.

are they crazy

She tried to pump herself up.  She still wasn’t feeling it.


Finally she sat in my lap in the chair long enough to get a teeny trim off the back. 
first cut

No wonder she was scared.


And more…


We bribed her with candy too.  This is the closest shot I got of an after.  Once she got out of the chair she was a blur running wild and wreaking havoc on the salon.


And an after shot of McKenna too!


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