New Baby & A Project

Meet my new baby…
Isn’t she adorable? I am so smitten. We are still getting to know each other but I think we will be very happy together.  She’s a Nikon D3100.  I need to come up with a good proper name for her…like Suzie or Ally.  Any thoughts?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still mourning the loss of my old camera. Old camera, feel free to present yourself now that I have purchased a new one. I really want you back too. I need a good point and shoot to keep in my purse.  And I want that memory card containing the last 4 months of pictures.

I had planned a little tutorial on the bedside table I painted for the girls bedroom.  Alas, all the before pictures were on that memory card.  This is the only before picture that I have.
finds on 8/13/11
See that brown little number with the magazine rack in the bottom?  It was $2. Annya and I found it on a little yardsale expedition we went on early one Saturday morning this summer.

Just pretend I have lots of pictures of the following steps.  I mean, I did.  But they are lost in the abyss with my camera and memory card.

I cleaned it up really well and used 1 can of Krylon primer and followed with 2 coats of Krylon white spray paint and a touch up.  I let it dry for a day between coats.  I don’t think that’s a requirement, that was all the time I could finagle in one day for a project.

Then I got Annya to cut various size circles with her Cricut on vinyl that matched McKenna’s bedspread.  She’s nice like that.

After I randomly placed the circles on the painted (and dry) surface, I used a Krylon clear coat on the entire table.  The clear coat yellowed the paint color a little from the bright white after it was painted.  But I didn’t want my little helpers trying to peel the circles off while I was watching tv in their spare time.

Without further adieu…here is the finished product!

Let’s pretend the bed is made. Ok? Thanks.

The girls have been using it for a little over a month and I haven’t had any problems with the vinyl peeling.

Total cost was less than $12!

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