Birthday Parties

My baby turned 2 this weekend.  I’m pretty bummed about it.  I’m thankful that she is healthy and a part of our lives.  She is such an amazing blessing to our family.  But I hate to see her grow up.  And she’s growing up so fast.

Ok.  I’m going to suck it up.  No one wants to come to my pity-party.  I’m drying the tears.
Dig In
Friday night (her actual birthday) the four of us had dinner and cupcakes and we gave her the present from Chad, McKenna and me.  She had to have something to open on her birthday, right?
Roller Coaster
It was a roller coaster.  A very large roller coaster.  A 10 foot long roller coaster.  When I read that in the product description I don’t think I quite understood how long 10 feet was.  We left it in the living room for the big party the following night. (It might still be there.  I might be leaning against it typing this blog as we speak.  Roller coaster in the living room.  That’s normal, right?)

Saturday I spent most of the day cleaning frantically  getting ready for the party.

We went with a Dora theme.  My girl loves some Dora.
I decided to try a cupcake cake. The top is iced like a regular cake but there are cupcakes underneath. It made serving the cake so much easier. I would highly recommend them.

Do you notice there is a Boots ring randomly missing? I was sure McKenna had taken it off the cake but when I asked her about it she denied it over and over. Finally, she said, “I didn’t take it. Ask God.” So I figured if she was willing for me to ask God about it, she must not have taken it. She never ceases to amaze me.
Backpack Bags
McKenna and I even made these Backpack gift bags for goodie bags from leftover construction paper and felt.  They were really easy and took less than 30 minutes. I got the idea from this one that I pinned. 

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

Mine were sort of a ghetto-made-the-day-of-the-party-in-a-hurry version, but still pretty cute.

Dora herself came to visit the girls at the party.  As soon as she walked in the door, the adults were laughing hysterically and the kids were crying hysterically. Except McKenna. She knew in about two seconds that Annya was inside the Dora costume.
Worlds Tallest Dora

What is it
This picture cracks me up on so many levels. I’m not sure exactly what was being said. Avery is in disbelief that Dora is at her party I think.  Evidently my (other) Aunt in the background is in disbelief too.Dora and fam

How would this look on the Christmas card (aside from blurry)?  My (other) Aunt  and the two little girls she adopted last year are also pictured. Aren’t they dolls?
Candles on big cake
Alas, a good time was had by all. Still can’t believe she is two. Smurky
I love that girl.

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