Adventures in Pressure Cooking

Do you use a pressure cooker?  I got one for Christmas almost two years ago and used it for the first time tonight. 

I cooked chicken breasts in it for chicken salad and chicken and rice soup. 
If you have never used one make sure you read the instructions or have your Mom on the phone.  I used the second method.  They can be really dangerous!  And I’m not trying to get burned with scaulding water and steam!  You have to run cold water over the lid for a few minutes before opening the lid (pictured below).

Now that I know the ropes I think I will use it a lot more. It cooked the chicken breast really quickly and very evenly.

I hear a chicken salad sandwich calling my name!

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  1. I might be biased, since I have a site devoted to pressure cooking, but I absolutely LOVE mine. Most recipes call for "natural release" which doesn't use the cold water. With all the safety features of a new one (like in your photo) it is very hard to get it to explode – there are so many redundant safety features.

    It's awesome for pulled pork and bone stocks/broths.

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