Boo from the Bay Bush!

We had a spooktackular Halloween!

Every year I want to coordinate our costumes.  This year I wanted to do the Wizard of Oz as I found an adorable Dorothy costume at Once Upon A Child for Avery for $4.  And my Aunt had a Glinda costume that I was going to borrow. I told McKenna she could pick any other character from the movie to dress as.

She would not have it.  It was Barbie or nothing.  Little did she know, they don’t make a “Barbie” costume.  They have Barbie Mermaid, Barbie Princess…but no plain Barbie.  I found this cute 50s costume at TJ Maxx and told her she was the Original Barbie and made her a little nametag.  So, we had a beautiful little Barbie and a sweet little Dorothy on Halloween.
Avery really did not like her hair in pig tails. Getting her hair fixed was the hardest job I had all day. I’m afraid she took her frustration out on poor like piggy tails
On Halloween my church always has a Fall Festival. The girls had a great time playing the games, eating, and just running around in general.
my girls
McKenna and Chad even ventured out on the hay ride. Miss Averycakes and I were happy to stay back at the church where it was warm and dry.
chip off the old block
Like father, like daughter!

I couldn’t give up on my plan to coordinate.  So I forced talked my Mom and Annya into dressing up with me.  Only we went with a little different theme.  So without further adieu…
The Bay Bush Royal Family!

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