In my opinion, Epcot is the most beautiful Disney park.  But it’s also the least “small child” appealing.


We snapped a quick picture with the Disney PhotoPass photographer as we entered the park and it ended up being one of the best pictures from the entire trip!

We got there right as they were opening the gates to Future World.  It opened a full 2 hours before the World Showcase so we tried to hit as many of those attractions as we could during the 2 hours.

We waited no time at all to ride the Living With the Land boat ride.  My husband is a farmer so this was his favorite attraction.

How about those above-ground sweet potatoes?

Or strawberries planted in PVC pipe?

The girls’ favorite was probably the Finding Nemo ride that we rode next.

Then we spent about 45 minutes waiting to meet Mickey and all his friends at once.  I’m not sure why we did this when we were already going to meet them at Chef Mickey’s.  It seemed like a good idea at the time and it was air conditioned!

My girls weren’t big enough for the Test Track so we headed into the World Showcase.  The girls were amazed to see the monorail cross overhead!

I loved seeing all the different countries represented in the World Showcase.  Each section is so detailed that you really feel like you’re in that country.

In Mexico…

 In France…

How pretty is that?

We met Jasmine and Aladdin in Morocco.  (This is also the place where I sat down on a park bench and cried because we had been waiting in the wrong line.  It seems silly now but felt like the end of the world at the time!)  #disneyprobs

And this is when we fully grasped the value of the dining plan.  We had the dining plan but when Chad went to pay for the food, he realized he didn’t have his room key (which had our dining credits on it)  so he just went ahead and paid with cash.  We got 4 hot dogs, 4 bags of chips and 4 drinks.  It was $42!  So that’s why I like the dining plan.  It’s already paid for and you already know how much it costs.  It’s paid for ahead of time and you’re done.  And both times we’ve been to Disney we went during a time when the Dining Plan was free if you stayed onsite for a certain amount of nights.  I really like the Dining Plan when it’s free.

 After lunch, the girls were getting bored and were only entertained so much by the pretty buildings. 

So we headed back to the hotel for a little pool time.

Then we dressed back up in our finest Princess attire to make our reservations at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall.  You can read all about the Princess dining here.
Princesses have to wait for the bus?!?

 After dinner we took in a few more sights but the girls were getting a little crazy.

We met Pooh and Tigger really quick and then headed back to the hotel!

 All in all, we had a great day!

A few thoughts on Epcot…

  • It is gorgeous in an adult kind of way.  Meaning that adults would probably appreciate the beauty more than kids.
  • If you have small children and you can’t fit all the parks into your schedule, I would skip Epcot.  I would rather have a second day at the Magic Kingdom for smaller kids.
  • The other option would be if you have Park Hopper tickets.  I would schedule maybe 1/2 a day for Epcot but not a whole day. 
  • The World Showcase has wonderful snacks that are found in each country.
  • There are certain characters that you can only meet in Epcot. 
  • Epcot is the only park where you can get Belle’s autograph since the new Enchanted Tales with Belle attraction opened in the Magic Kingdom. At Enchanted Tales with Belle, she only gives bookmarks with her signature on them but doesn’t actually sign the books because she’s “off to dinner with the Beast!” I assume you can still get her autograph at Akershus as well.

Want more Disney info?  Here’s a link to the all the Disney 411 on the Bay Bush!

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