Hanging Oval Silhouette Frames

I found these oval frames at a yard sale this past summer.
before edit
They were pretty wretched.  I don’t even want to know what stained the cross-stitching.  I paid $ .25 each for them.  This was the same Saturday that I acquired the $2 table that now resides at in the girls room.
I immediately gave them a coat of black paint with my trusty Krylon flat and sort of forgot about them until we got back from Walt Disney World.   This is what I came up with to dress up the frame!

Here’s what you will need (plus a paperclip not pictured).
supply list
I cut 1 piece of ribbon 4″ long and one piece 28″ long.

I hot glued the short ribbon to the back of the frame at the top.  Next, I hot glued the paperclip to the top of the same ribbon.  You want to make sure the paper clip is at the very top so that the bow will not droop.


Then I tied a bow with the long piece of ribbon and hot glued it to the top of the short ribbon.  I also trimmed the end of the bow into an inverted “V” shape just to make it pretty.
(TIP – If your ribbon wants to fray, take a lighter and burn the ends really lightly and quickly.  It melts the fabric together. I was using a grosgrain ribbon so I skipped it.)

{We got the girls’ silhouettes done at Walt Disney World.  I love them and they are my favorite souvenir from the trip!  How cute would it be to get one done each time your child visits WDW? They are only $8!!}

I hung them on my little gallery wall and every time I walk by they make me smile. 🙂

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