New Year, New Pictures!

We had a little surprise for my Mom for Christmas. 

My sister and I like to try to make my Mom cry (in a good way) on Christmas.  And this year was no exception…although she didn’t actually shed tears, she was pretty teary-eyed!

Annya, the girls and I had pictures made together and gave them to my Mom for Christmas.  I also had several printed and gave to Chad’s family as well as extended family. 

Everybody loves pictures, right?  Here are a few of the girls.  I will spare you of the ones with me and Annya in them.  ( But you can see one of me in my new profile picture to your right.)


I’m shocked that there are any of Miss Averycakes at all.  She was in total two-year-old-mode the entire time.
McKenna will pose for you all day long.

I just love how they turned out! Ashley at LoveLife Photography did a great job!  (You can find her on facebook!)

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