We celebrated Chad’s belated birthday last night at the Carolina v. State basketball game.  Who’s the wife mostly likely to deliver on her husband’s gift 3 weeks after his birthday best wife ever? 
Tarheels full court
It was his first time at the RBC Center.  My sister and her boyfriend also went.  Can you spot them? 

where's waldo?

She has better connections than I do and her tickets were in the lower level.  I call this picture, “Where’s Waldo?”

We were pulling for the Tarheels and were pumped that they got the win!  (And Chad was too I think even though he would probably never admit it.)
Here are a few pictures I snapped from the game.  I didn’t have my new baby with me but I did have my trusty Samsung (which I finally found about a month ago!)
And Zeller making a free throw.
Tarheels free throw
All in all a fun night! {But next year we are going to the Dean Dome.}

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