What keeps me up at night…

Ok.  Let’s face it.  It would be nearly impossible to keep me up at night.  So a better name for this post might have been “What’s bothering me.”

Here it is. 

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We have to register McKenna for Kindergarten on Friday.  As in 2 days from now.  KINDERGARTEN.  The countdown begins.  I think I’m going to be sick.

I don’t want my baby to go to Kindergarten.  I think if we won the lottery I would homeschool them and we could do crafts everyday.

Miss Avery finally gave up her bottle {yes, I am aware that she was WAY behind schedule on that}.  It was 100% my fault.  She loved it and I wanted to let her stay in baby-mode as long as possible.  I didn’t push it.  I didn’t want to pack those bottles away for good.  I didn’t want to take that little bottle-part-holder thingy out of my dishwasher. 

But I did.  {And I am enjoying the extra space on the top rack that it left.}

My girls are growing up too fast.  It bothers me.  I wish I could freeze them.

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  1. Woohoo for kindergarten! We are currently researching British schools for B….because apparently the US run DoD school has a September 1st cutoff which makes her 24 days shy! I refuse to make her wait a year (teacher says she will be bored if she has to do a pre-K program again) We should be able to get her into a community school but we just have to wait until we arrive to apply… and she will have to start a few weeks late. BOOOO!

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