7 Easy Chores to do while the coffee is brewing

Well, one thing does.  And that’s the time it takes to brew it.

My coffee maker takes around 6-7 minutes to brew half of a pot of coffee. 

Here are a few kitchen chores that I’ve started trying to do while the coffee maker is working its magic.  I’ve found that if you do a little each day its a lot more manageable. 

Some of them take longer than others.  Some mornings I can do a couple of them and other mornings I only get through one.  And let me also put out this little disclaimer that I am FAR from the poster child for a spotless house.  We live here. 

  1. Throw out the old leftovers and anything out of date from the fridge.  If you do this twice during the week, it won’t take more than a couple of minutes.
  2. Unload and/or reload the dishwasher.  You overachievers probably don’t have any dishes in the sink, but we always do on the Bay Bush.
  3. Wipe down counter tops and throw away junk mail.  I think Mr. Right is trying to set the world record for “most farm magazine subscriptions” so this usually takes me the entire time.
  4. Bag up the trash and casually sit it by the back door so as to remind Mr. Right to take it out.
  5. Sweep kitchen.  I know.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.
  6. Shake out rugs.  I probably don’t do this one as often as I should.
  7. Make a grocery list.  Take a second and peek at the pantry and see if there is anything that you need to stock up on.  This is the least labor intense chore at my house since I organized my pantry last fall so I save it for mornings where I’m really tired. 

Now go sit down, relax and enjoy that first cup of coffee knowing you’ve already done something today!

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