First Day of School (First Grade)

The magical days of summer ended Monday morning when little sweetie headed back to school to start first grade.  But the wild ride of summer had to end sometime, I suppose.  We had a great summer and accomplished just about everything on our bucket list.
I managed to scrape together a First Day of School breakfast at the last minute.  Here’s a helpful piece of advice… If you wait until the last minute to do something, it only takes a minute to do! 
I snagged a few Dr. Seuss books, some number magnets off of the fridge, a box of crayons and three random plastic balls that I found in the playroom plus the chalkboard frame, a plastic table cover and flowers that were already on the table and ba-bam…instant back-to-school table scape!


I printed out the Back to School fairy printable from Happy Home Fairy (like last year).

Our breakfast fine dining consisted of Leggos, yogurt with fresh fruit and strawberries.

Doesn’t she look closer to 16 than 6?

Once she was all dressed we took our annual back to school picture on the front porch. (Printables are from How Does She.)


And we couldn’t leave out little sister!  We get to do this all over again when she starts preschool next week!
I only took one of her in her classroom.  She looks like I’m embarrassing her or something…
I can’t believe how much she has changed from her pictures on the first day last year.  She has also matured so much!  We’ve made it through the first week with no tears and she has gotten up a lot better in the morning since I started enforcing the 8:30 bedtime.
She had such a great teacher last year, I thought we could never be as lucky two years in a row but she already loves her new teacher as much as her Kindergarten teacher!
Here’s to another great year!  What about you?  Have your kids already gone back to school?

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