Easy Homework Caddy

Get your homework act together with a DIY Homework Caddy to corral all those homework supplies. Get #organized for #backtoschool
 We had a tear free first day of school on Monday!  Praise the Lord!  It was a lot better than last year.

I’m on a mission to be more organized this school year.  {Organization is not one of my spiritual gifts.  I have to work at it.}

One issue we had last year was our inability to ever find a pencil at homework time.  More than once, McKenna’s teacher wrote a note home instructing us not to do homework in pen.  Opps.  My bad.

Hopefully my latest project will help solve that problem.
DIY Homework Caddy
I took a bathroom caddy and turned it into our own little homework station.  I found this one for $3 at Big Lots.  (I love it when the dorm stuff comes out each year.  They always have tons of storage items in cute colors.)
But I still wanted to jazz it up a little.  Luckily, I had some washi tape on hand from a pick your plum deal months ago.
DIY Homework Caddy makes homework a breeze!
To corral the pencils in the caddy, I used an old mayonnaise jar.
This upcycled jar holds pencils in the DIY Homework Caddy
Make the DIY Homework Caddy cute by decorating with washi tape!
Then all I had to do was add the school supplies!  Easiest project ever!  And the whole thing cost less than $5!
I need this DIY Homework Caddy!  Getting all the school supplies in one spot is the hard part!  I'm going to be organized this year for back to school!
We are excited to start using it for homework!  And it fits perfectly in one of the cubbies in the pantry for easy access.  It’s the little things.
If you love it, give it a pin!
I'm going to be organized this year! Having the homework supplies in one spot will make things so much easier!  This easy DIY project will make #backtoschool a breeze!  I'm determined to be #organized this year!
I’ll be back soon with first day of school pictures!

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