Our Summer Bucket List

This post has been in the making all summer long!


This is the second year of the summer bucket list.  Last year’s was less formal – i.e. mostly in my head.

Side note:  My child is obsessed with high heel shoes.  She puts these on as soon as she gets home every day and then teeter totters through the house in them all evening! 

But back to the bucket list.  Here’s how it works… 
Every Friday, Saturday or Sunday when I’m home with the girls we pick a couple of things on the list and try to do them.  Once we’ve done an item on our bucket list we put a star sticker on it to cross it off.
It’s a fun way to set goals for the summer and not let the summer get away and wonder what you did with it.
We still have a few more items that we are going to try to cross off before school starts on Monday…and there are a few that we won’t get a chance to squeeze in (like have a party at 2am!)
The list was super easy to make.  I was inspired by this one I saw at Dixie Delights.  I sat down with the girls and we wrote down what we wanted to do on post-it notes and then taped them to the side of the washing machine.  It’s down low where they can see it and put the stickers on and its out of the way enough that no one really notices it when we have guests (as if).
Now I’m off to play go fish and watch sunset as a family!

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