Fall Wreath {Cheese Box Craft}

Remember my Peppermint Wreath from Christmas? That I made from a cheese box?
Well…I happened to have another cheese box in the attic and decided to paint it up like a pumpkin!
First I let my little pumpkin wipe it down with a wet paper towel to get all the dust off.

Cheese Box Wreath

Then I gave it a little paint job.  How do you like my pizza-box-spray-paint-booth?  It took about 2.5 coats.

Cheese Box Crafts
I drew my best scary jack-o-lantern face with a Sharpie.
Stuff you can make out of a cheese box
Then I got my little pumpkin to color in the shapes.

But it still needed something…

So I started adding burlap.

And ribbon.  Lots of ribbon.  I stapled it to the side with my staple gun alternating the loops.

I added floral wire to the inside to make a hanger.  Hint:  Use two staples on each side.

And here she is!
Jack-o-lantern Wreath 
What do you think?  It kind of reminds me of a lion. It didn’t turn out exactly like I wanted but its growing on me.


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