Making Envelopes to Fit 4×6 Party Invitations

How to make envelopes to fit 4x6 invites


Somebody on the Bay Bush has a birthday coming up!  I love using photo cards for birthday invitations.  They’re fun, easy and you don’t have to hand-write the who, what, when and where on there.
This shop on Etsy has a ton of cute ones.  I usually have mine printed as 4×6 photos at my local Walgreens to save time.  The 4×6 size is a lot cheaper to print if you need a lot of them.  The only problem is the envelopes.  I couldn’t find any envelopes to fit the 4×6 pictures at Target or my local Dollar Store.  I’m sure you can order them online somewhere but #aintnobodygottimeforthat
So my options were a) mail them out in standard envelopes that were too long and just roll with it and tell my inner OCD voice to chill or b) make my own.
Well, guess what?  #OCDwinsagain
I took the standard envelopes and cut the end off about 3/4 of an inch beyond the end of the photo card.
Easy way to DIY 4x6 envelopes
Then fold the end over so that the card fits snugly without being too tight.
How to make 4x6 party invitation envelopes
Add your favorite Washi tape to hold it together… (I like to color coordinate with the invitation if possible.)
Use washi tape to make DIY envelopes for invitations
Wrap the Washi tape all the way around the envelope.
How to make you own envelopes
Make two small cuts to allow for folding (see picture below).
DIY 4x6 envelopes
Here’s an example of the back of another envelope.
DIY 4x6 party invite envelopes
Here’s the finished product!
How to make 4x6 envelopes tutorial
Don’t they just make you happy?  I know it probably sounds crazy to alter standard envelopes to keep your picture from sliding in the envelope but it really was quick and easy.  I did all these in less than 20 minutes and it was less expensive and faster than ordering them online.


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