Birthday Party Photo Booth

I decided to throw a little photo booth into Avery’s Birthday Party. For those of you just joining us…it was a costume party and you can read all about our silly shenanigans here.

But back to the photo booth…To make it I folded a plastic table cloth in half and hung it in the corner of our garage.  Then I taped plain old crepe paper streamers in a line to look like stripes.   I gathered all the silly props (hats, sunglasses, masks, crowns) I found around the house and a few from the Dollar Store and threw them in a bucket. 

Ba-BAM…Photo Booth!

Birthday Party Photo Booth
The kids loved posing for the pictures and since there were not a lot of children at the party it was easy to make sure that I got a chance to photograph all of them.  If you’re having a party with more than 10 kids, you may want to put an adult in charge of taking the pictures. 
I took 3-4 pictures of each child and made them into a collage with Picasa.  I set the photo size to 4×6 and changed the photo orientation to vertical.  I put 3 pictures of one child on the left side and 3 on the right of another child with a border between.  I printed them at Walgreens as a 4×6. 
After that all you have to do is cut them down the center and they look just like photo strips from a real photo booth!
Y’all… These pictures turned out so cute! 
They were all so cute that I would put them all up here on the blog but I’m not sure if everyone wants their child’s picture blasted across the world wide web so I will just show you the picture above. 
I also used Picasa to make a photo collage of all of my family that came dressed to impress.
 And finally, I put my favorite picture of each child into one collage and added a little poem to use as a Thank You note for coming to the party.
Photo Booth Thank You Card
How cute are they?  I think they are one of my favorite birthday party projects ever.

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