Birthdays (Continued)

For Miss AveryCakes actual birthday we woke up early and celebrated with Birthday Pancakes.  McKenna told me, “You need to put this recipe on your blog, Mom!”  Bless her heart.  Pretty sure it was the just-add-water pancake mix, confetti sprinkles and a candle.  My secret is out!

Instead of the normal snack they have at preschool that day, I brought cupcakes, Doritos and Juice boxes. #easiestpartyever

We brought along Annya for an extra set of hands. 

After the kids were hyped up on cupcake icing and Doritos, we unleashed them on the playground.

All in all, Miss Averycakes had a great Birthday.  This was the first one where she really understood that it was her party and her Birthday.  And now she’s a big fan of birthdays.

And 7 short days later, we celebrated my Birthday.

Chad sent me these pretty flowers at work!  And I managed to go about 6 nights without cooking.  I was stretching this birthday thing out as long as possible!
I think we are all caught up on Birthdays for a while!

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