Christmas Plays & Such

The girls were in the cutest Christmas play at my church this past weekend.  The play was a little different than most Christmas plays in that the majority of the characters were penguins!

While I was videoing, Chad was taking pictures.  So let me apologize in advance for the pictures.  He takes the most crooked pictures you have ever seen.  I don’t understand it.  I don’t know if he has an inner ear problem or what.  But he always takes crooked pictures.  But I disgress…

My little penguins playing the sax during one of the songs.

And singing…I wish you could have seen my little Averycakes.   She really got into it.  I was scared to death at one point that she was going to flash the audience.  Luckily, she only exposed her tummy.

And my little McKenna memorized two long paragraphs from the Christmas story and recited them perfectly!  I was so proud!

Here is another example of Chad’s photography…and my arm… (for the record).
It was such a cute play and I was a proud Mama!

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