Christmas Cheer {2013}

We are all decked out for Christmas from the Mailbox to the Mantel!  I told myself that whatever wasn’t put out by today would just wait until next year.  So here’s a little Christmas tour. 
And just to keep it real…it took me about an hour and a half this morning to pick up enough so that I could actually take some pictures.  I’d hate for y’all to think I’ve got it together because, as you know, I don’t.

Christmas Mailbox
Mom gets all the credit for the bow on the mailbox.

Christmas Door
The lights on one of those trees totally didn’t work after I got them put out.  I’m just going to ignore it and not plug the other in.  #winning

And the lights on half the garland didn’t work after I got it out. So I just didn’t plug it in either.  #winning #lookslikeIwouldhavecheckedthatbeforeIhungit

Anyway, on to the inside…

This little hot chocolate station is a big hit with Chad and the girls.

And the dining room.  (It’s the only room in the house that never gets dirty.)

Christmas Dining Room

Mom made this garland for me 7 years ago when we lived at our old house.  We saw one at the Pottery that I loved but it was ridiculously expensive so we bought the materials and she made one for less than 25% of the cost of the one at the Pottery.  I pack it back up carefully in a storage bin every year and she’s still going strong!  Sometimes the balls fall off but I just pop them back on.

Christmas Garland

Here’s a close-up.

And the Christmas tree!  I’ve got some serious gift wrapping to do.

Christmas Tree
My favorite ornaments are the pictures of my girls.  That’s Avery on the right and McKenna on the left and in the center.  They grow up so fast!

And a few more…
And the mantel.  The recliner looks a little orange in the picture but it is really red in person.  I still don’t have curtains in the living room.  I cannot find the right fabric for the life of me!  So let’s just pretend I have curtains, ok?  Thanks.
Christmas Mantel 
And here is the little tree in the girls’ room.  They love the colored lights.
Christmas Tree Girls Room

And that’s the tour!  We are all set for Christmas (aside from the shopping, cooking, cleaning, wrapping and celebrating)!  Oh dear.  I better go.

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7 comments on “Christmas Cheer {2013}

  1. I too have totally procrastinated on the curtain question for the 2.5 years we've been in our house. Luckily we need all the light we can get in the long Canadian winter (and we have good windows to keep the cold out). More embarrassing is the fact that I have had the same half-finished stenciling project taped to the library wall for more than a year and half now. Well, once I get through this horrible term, a LOT is going to get done. (Or so I claim.)

  2. Curtains feel like a commitment. Like I'm going to be married to them for the next 20 years. The whole thing just stresses me out. And I have a very short attention span. I hope that next semester is better! Maybe you should set Dan to finishing the stenciling 🙂

  3. Just found your blog through It's Overflowing's "All things Christmas" party. I love all your Christmas decor (and the way you write). I'm so with you about 'if it's not up now, it's staying in the box!'

    I'm following along!
    Ashley @ 3littlegreenwoods

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