Random Christmas Bits

Brace yourself for some randomness…
I’m currently battling a coffee creamer obsession.  These were the ones that I found at the front of the refrigerator…there’s no telling how many more are in the back.  The Red Velvet Cupcake is fantastic with hot chocolate…
My Christmas Card holders are starting to fill up.  I took this picture about a week ago and it is almost full now!  It makes me so happy to see the “good mail” start pouring in.
I’m trying to soak it all in but I’m mostly drowning in it instead. My stress level is through the roof. I’m not sure there’s a way to fix that problem.  I have obligations at work, church and home and it’s too late to get out of any of them.
And then there’s this fool.  Half of the time I forget to move her and tell McKenna she’s hiding in the same spot as yesterday to be extra sneaky since its the last place you would look.  She hasn’t done anything crazy because, frankly, I haven’t had the time or energy.
And then we have the on-going saga that is my Christmas Cards.  I bought a Groupon deal a few weeks ago but when I went to order them the shipping to get them before Christmas was $28!  This was 15 days before Christmas.  I thought that was ridiculous so I just did the standard shipping thinking that they would still be here in plenty of time.  Well, 5 days later the order is still “in progress” so I am ordering another set from Walgreens.  They should be ready at 2:04am and I’m seriously thinking about driving 30 minutes to pick them up so that I can mail them first thing in the morning.  That even sounds dumb as I type it…still considering it though. 
I suppose there are much worse things than mailing your Christmas cards out late.  If that’s my biggest problem, I’ve got it pretty good.

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