Smokey Mountain Christmas

This past summer someone asked me if I’d be interested in directing the Christmas Play at my church.  Historically, the choir has done a cantata and not a full-on musical but the one they picked out had a full story line and characters.
The musical was “Smokey Mountain Christmas” and it was about a family who is asked to take in an orphan for Christmas after recently losing their own son. 
So I said, “Sure, why not? How hard could it be?”
Fast forward to the night of the play…and post-nervous breakdown…
Suffice it to say, it was difficult.  We should change the name of the “Christmas Season” to “Season of Scheduling Conflicts” because I don’t think we had more then three rehearsals where everyone was present.  That was a little stressful.
That’s my sister playing Grandma and my Brother-in-law playing Grandpa.  (You can’t even tell that Sister is almost six months prego with my little nephew!)
And these little guys played the carolers.  We had a snow machine that started while they were singing and that’s my little Avery playing with the snow and not singing at all.  They were too cute.
And then there was this little Nativity scene.  The sweetest Nativity since the real one.  McKenna is Mary and Avery is the blond angel. 
Sister sang a beautiful solo about Love being the real meaning of Christmas.

The cast.

After the show was over they let the kids play under the snow machine and little Avery was covered!
The show went on and turned out fine.  (But I’m glad that it’s over!)

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