Lost Tooth {Literally}

McKenna lost her first tooth!  She was so excited and pulled it herself after some serious wiggling time.  She has often lamented that everyone else in her class at school has been visited by the tooth fairy except her.

(On a side note…We had our family pictures made the week before and I’m so glad that I have some cute pictures of her with all her sweet baby teeth.)

Back to the saga of the lost tooth..

She left a note for the tooth fairy not to come that night so that she could take her tooth to school to show her teacher. 

I had a bad feeling about the security of the tooth.  She was so fascinated by it.  She dropped it in the carpet and we had to search on all fours to find it.  Her little sister was fascinated by it and wrongfully accused more than once of taking it. 

The next morning when McKenna brushed her teeth she decided to give her lost tooth a little brushing for good measure.

Well, you can see where this is going.  She dropped her tooth and it went down the drain.

She was inconsolable. 

So that night we wrote yet another note to the tooth fairy telling her that the tooth was in the drain in the bathroom and to fly down there and get it and leave the prize under her pillow. 

Lucky that those fairies can fit anywhere and fly right down the drain!

And inflation affects everyone.  I was surprised to learn on Facebook that tooth fairy rates have risen significantly since I was a kid!  She left McKenna $5 since it was her first tooth. 

I’m not sure if that was a discounted rate for having to fly down the drain to get it or the normal going rate.  How much does the tooth fairy leave at your house?

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