January is a Hard Month

May I interupt this blog for a little complaining?


I fully believe that January is the hardest month of the year.  I breathe a sigh of relief when February rolls around every year.  Yay for February!

This year has been no different.  On top of work, my husband’s business and payroll filings, I’ve been battling strep throat for almost two months.  Apparently I have the strand that just won’t quit.  I’ve been through two rounds of antibiotics and two rounds of steroids.  It’s a wonder I haven’t turned into the Incredible Hulk.  There have been a few days that I thought I might.

A word of advice to anyone with a lot to do…  Prednisone.  No sleep is required and you can work through the night!   Yay for Prednisone!

We did spend a week of January at Disney World which was, by far, the only redeeming part of the month.  And even that is questionable when I think about the amount of time I spent packing and unpacking and planning and driving.  We celebrated our arrival back home with a family trip to Urgent Care.  Yay for Urgent Care!

Have you ever noticed that there is no urgency at Urgent Care? That was five hours of my life that I will never get back.  Five hours.  Good thing I wasn’t bleeding internally.

And now its time for the Super Bowl…that special day each year when I’m reminded that we have no friends and no social invitations and I don’t care about football.  #nofriends  #I’llbewatchingdowntonabbey

someecards.com - Who is having a Super Bowl Party? I don't care much about the Super Bowl, but I always love a good party!!!

And that, my friends, concludes this special “complaining” edition of Life on the Bay Bush.

I will be back with the highlights from our Disney trip and a few little projects I’ve been working on at some point.

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  1. If we lived closer you would totally have a invitation to watch the game….I would much rather watch something else, but I don't get much of a choice when it comes to the super bowl.

  2. I'm not on steroids, but the month of January always makes me ragey too. It's always the month of dreary winter weather and everyone is ALWAYS sick. Here's to a healthy, happy February!

  3. “On top of work, my husband's business and payroll filings, I've been battling strep throat for almost two months. “ – That’s quite a lot of things happening with you all at the same time. Good thing you have a ‘no quit’ attitude, and you were able to face/solve everything on your list. Nothing is really impossible with that kind of attitude. Anyway, the Disney world vacation was a sweet treat for all of you. Somehow, your mind is diverted from all the things you’ve been through, work and health-wise. How are you feeling, btw? I hope you’re feeling better.

    Lewis @ OmegaOnDemand.com

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