Last Day of First Grade

We celebrated the LAST DAY of FIRST GRADE for Miss McKenna on Friday.   I threw this one together in about six minutes, decorating the table with some of McKenna’s favorite things.

She loves the Berenstein Bears books and Dr. Suess.  She still says she wants to be an Artist when she grows up so I included one of her most recent pieces.  The ball is for her new found love of Four Square that we play in front of the garage.  She’s pretty good.

Last Day of School

We’re reading Harry Potter aloud at night before bed and she loves all the Disney princess but Ariel is her favorite (along with Elsa and Anna).  I would have put them up here but the DVD case could not be located at go-time.  And then there’s the Nutella.  If I had a dollar for every Nutella sandwich I’ve made for her lunch box…The child wants Nutella at every meal!

Last Day of School Breakfast
So for breakfast, we all dined on one of her favorite breakfasts…waffles with Nutella.

And headed out for the celebratory pictures on the front porch.

And just for fun, here is a first day / last day comparison.  She is growing up too fast!  She had a great year and I’m amazed by how much she has learned.  We have been so blessed to have wonderful teachers so far.

And with that, we are in full blown summer mode now!

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