What I love about Summer…

We’re finishing up our first full week of summer and the girls and I have had no trouble in easing into our summer routine.  Here’s what we’re already loving most about summer!

1.  NO LUNCH BOXES!  Have I told y’all how much I despise packing lunches?  I do.  When I wake up now I’m all like..”FREEDOM!!!”  And then I remember I still have to get up and go to work but at least I don’t have to take 10 minutes out of my morning to pack a lunch.

2.  Vacation Bible School  – We spent most of Sunday afternoon decorating for Bible school.  It started on Sunday night with commencement on Friday.  I was in charge of the “Activity” station this year.  I’ve been checking the weather forecast hourly every day to see if I needed a backup plan.  The bad part of being in charge of the activity was that I wasn’t able to travel around with my girls to all their classes and I only took two pictures the entire week.

3. Summer Reading – I admit it. I love books. I think I missed my calling because the libraries and book stores are pretty high on my list of favorite places. I just finished The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton and I loved it even more than the House at Riverton.

A friend of mine from work recently moved to another office and she left several books that she had already read so I’m pretty excited about the summer reading I’ve got ahead of me!

4.  Grilling – Now that I know how to light the grill, my goal is to cook every single meal on it.  The entire meal.  I love that there are no pots and pans to wash and the kitchen doesn’t turn into a sauna!

5.  Our Bucket List – We are hard at work coming up with our summer bucket list!  You can read all about last year’s list here.  It’s basically just a list of fun stuff we want to do over the summer.  Some things are little (watch Scooby Doo) and some things are big (go to the beach).  But we have a ball marking them off one by one big or small!

And that, Friends, is what I love about summer!

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