Ditching the DVD Cases

You already know we have a hair bow problem
Well, this is my confession that we also have a DVD problem.  Two entire cabinets in my entertainment center were filled with DVDs.
DVD storage
Why so many DVDs?  I feel the need to defend myself a little here.  We don’t have satellite or cable.  So if there is a cartoon or series that the girls like, they usually end up with the episodes on DVD. 
The bad part was Miss Avery would drag all the cases into a pile on the floor to pick out which DVD she wanted to watch…only to find the case empty…the DVD nowhere to be found…and then have a meltdown.

I had picked those cases up one too many times when I found this storage case on Amazon.  It was less than $12 and it held over 280 DVDs.  Easily enough space for our collection of DVDs.

After Miss Averycakes and I sorted through and pulled out the DVDs that they didn’t watch anymore or were duplicates, we put the rest in the DVD holder.  Look how much open space we saved!
This opened up more toy storage inside the entertainment center.  More storage is always better. The best part is when she flips through the DVD case, she doesn’t see any of the cases for the missing DVDs.  The only ones she can pick from are the ones that are right there. Here is a link to the one I bought on Amazon.*

I decided to leave the grown-up movies in their original case since there weren’t very many and I didn’t want to mix them up with the kids’ DVDs since Avery can’t read the titles yet.  I’d hate for her to get Cinderella Man instead of Cinderella and have another meltdown.

DVD Organization
This is was a quick and easy project that added so much more storage to our family room.  And you can never have enough storage! 
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