McKenna’s Baptism

Last month, the children at our church went to sing at a local nursing home for the Wednesday night service instead of having their usual youth meeting. We arrived back at church after the regular service was already over and almost everyone had gone home. When we got back in our car to do the same McKenna asked, “What is that thing people do sometimes at church where you go under the water?”
“Do you mean getting baptized?”
“Yes. Baptized.  I think I need to get baptized.”
I explained that she had to accept Christ before she could be baptized and she said she wanted to.  I told her it was a big decision and asked if she wanted to think about it until Sunday and talk to the Pastor after church. She said she wanted to do it right then so we marched right over to the parsonage and knocked on the Pastor’s door.
He asked her a few questions to make sure she understood what she was doing and they prayed together right there in his living room for Jesus to come into her heart and forgive her of all of her sins.
She was so happy and excited on the way home.  She said, “Now I feel different, but in a good way.” Her Mama was pretty excited too!  What a relief to know where she’ll spend eternity!  That’s one less (enormous) thing for me to worry about!
Last Sunday, she was baptized along with one of her friends at the end of our Sunday service.  Our denomination practices full submersion baptism (since that’s the same way Jesus was baptized) and we have a baptistery up front in our church.
I was back there behind the scenes helping her get ready and I shot this little video on my camera of her baptism.

We are so proud of McKenna and can’t wait to see what God has in store for her!

This blog is sort of my fun place and creative outlet.  Most of the posts are projects that I’ve made and little updates around the house.  And I love that.  I love any project that I can challenge myself and figure out a way to make something on my own.  That’s fun to me.  And that’s okay.

But at the end of the day none of that really matters.  Curtains and picture frames and mantels switched out for each season.  They are not important. 

Knowing Christ matters.  Being forgiven of your sins matters.  Loving everyone and serving others matters.  Telling others about Christ matters.

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