Myrtle Beach, SC {2014}

We got back from a fun-filled trip to Myrtle Beach, SC a couple of weeks ago.

We camped in my Mom’s motor home, like always, but this time we camped at Apache Campground.   You can read about the other campgrounds we’ve camped in at Myrtle Beach here and here.  I’ll also add a few thoughts on which ones I prefer at the end of the post.

Here’s an onslaught of pictures of the highlights of our trip…

Pool Area Apache Campground Myrtle Beach
The girls had a ball in the kid’s splash area in the campground.


Apache Pool Myrtle Beach


Apache Campground Splash Pad Myrtle Beach


We spent two afternoons on the beach.  It was so hot we couldn’t survive out there at midday.
Apache Pier Myrtle Beach


Ocean Myrtle Beach
Aren’t Aunts and Uncles awesome?  They take you out in the ocean when your Mom doesn’t want to.


Beaching Myrtle Beach
Speaking of Moms…she got a little more than she bargained for from a seagull…Her reaction was priceless.


Chilling at Myrtle Beach
 This is the easiest baby ever.  He’s no trouble at all.  He spent several hours asleep under the umbrella on the beach.
Apache Myrtle Beach


Apache Campground Pier Myrtle Beach

We got all dressed up and went out to the Japanese Steakhouse to celebrate Mom’s birthday!

Apache Campground Myrtle Beach

And then we surprised her with an ice cream cake when we got back to the Camper.  She’s going to kill me for posting this picture of her in her “housecoat.”

Myrtle Beach Birthday in the Camper


We bickered quite a bit over who was going to get to hold the baby next…
Snuggles in Myrtle Beach


We squeezed in a quick round of putt-putt…
More Mini Golf in Myrtle Beach


Minigolf Myrtle Beach

The girls and I spent an afternoon at Wonderworks at Broadway at the Beach.

Wonderworks Myrtle Beach
It’s basically a 4 story hands on museum with lots of science activities and a few 4D attractions that my girls were too scared to ride.


Wonderworks Myrtle Beach


Astronaut Myrtle Beach
The top floor has a ropes course overhead.  We were so excited and all three of us were suited up in the ropes and harnesses.  We made it to the top of the stairs and both of my girls freaked out.  Neither was having any part of it.  So we promptly came right back down.


Wonderworks Ropes Course Myrtle Beach
I did snap a quick pic on Instagram to torture them with later…

And the same child who was too scared to do any of the 4D stuff at Wonderworks and ropes course begged to get in the Water Float outside.  So she spent about 10 minutes running like a hamster on a floating wheel.
Fun stuff to do with kids in Myrtle Beach

Now for my thoughts on where to camp in Myrtle Beach, SC.

If you like to shop and are going to have more people with you than your camper’s bathroom can handle…I would recommend Myrtle Beach Travel Park.  They are close to the outlets, are ocean front and have really nice and clean bath houses.

If you have children and like to vacation in one spot (i.e. not leave the campground much), then I would recommend Lakewood.  It has a ton of amenities (Water slides, Shows, Miniature golf, paddle boats, bikes etc.) all in the campground.  The downside of Lakewood is that it is so large it is almost impossible to walk from place to place.

I would recommend Apache if you have kids and still want to be close to the outlets.  I didn’t go in the bathhouses this time as they were renovating the one closest to our spot.  The girls enjoyed the pool and splash area (although there was no lifeguard on duty) and we also enjoyed the Pier which had live music nightly.

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