Sister’s Barn Yard Baby Shower

I can’t believe I never shared pictures from the Barn Yard Baby Shower we threw for my sister way back in February!  The nursery has a farm theme so we decided we would carry that through to the shower.

We had one little big problem though.  The stage in the Fellowship Hall at my church was still up from the Christmas Play and taking it down was not an option.  Taking that bad boy down and putting it back up is a lot of work.

Barnyard Baby Shower

So we decided to make lemons out of lemonade and some of our sweet friends decorated stage left to look like a back porch and stage right to look like the inside of a barn.  They also set up the center barn façade that was left over from a play we did years ago.  We also reused the animals from the Christmas Nativity Scene in the Barn area.

I had my doubts but the end result was so cute!

I managed to snap a few pictures of the details before the shower started.

Barnyard Baby Shower Pictures

Mom totally out-did herself with this fruit display.  See the little piggy on the top?

Mom has Pinterest now.  That is really dangerous.  She found an inspiration somewhere out there for Baby Chick Deviled Eggs so we spent the night before the shower making 6 dozen deviled eggs.  That was a lot of egg peeling.  But they were so cute and we displayed them on the three tiered tray right in the carton.  Here’s an affiliate link to a similar one I found on Amazon.  And the eggs were sitting in little plastic cups inside the egg carton so that they would be easy to pick up.

Baby Shower Deviled Eggs

And no shower is complete without cake!

Farm Shower Cake
I spent the whole time ferociously transcribing gifts and givers but that’s what sisters are for!

We had so much fun celebrating my Sister and Brother-in-law that day!  It’s hard to believe that my nephew is already 3 months old!

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3 comments on “Sister’s Barn Yard Baby Shower

  1. I am wondering what the deviled eggs are sitting in. I feel it would be challenging to get the egg out of the carton but on close inspection of your picture it appears you put them in something else first.

    1. Hi Kim!

      Great question! They were sitting in little plastic dishes…the same ones that we used to make the baby booties that held peanuts in one of the other pictures. I’m not sure what the “real” name of them is but they are like the little plastic cups that they give you to take pills at the hospital. LOL!

      Thanks for your comment and question! Happy Tuesday!

  2. The link you provided is for 2oz Jell-O shot cups, but they are too big for an egg container. I’ve ordered 1 oz plastic shot glasses, hoping that will work. I think it would be helpful for future people if you updated your affiliate link to something that fits.

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