Sharpie Mug {Porch Sittin’ Coffee Drinkin’}

I’ve been wanting to try on one of these DIY Mugs decorated with a Sharpie forever.  They are all over Pinterest.  I finally found a plain white mug at the Dollar Tree and gave it a whirl!

Dollar Store Mug

If you make one you might want to sketch out what you are going to put up there on paper.  I didn’t feel like doing all that and since I only had $1 invested in the mug I didn’t feel a lot of pressure for it to be perfect.

So I just started drawing it out on the mug while I was waiting for the coffee to brew.  (That’s probably why that “i” in “sittin'” is a little bit unsure if he’s going to be an “i” or an “e”…but that gives it character right?)

Porch Sittin Coffee Drinkin
I put my initials and the date on the bottom for fun.

And baked that puppy in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

After it cooled I ran my fingers across the writing to see if it smeared and it was fine!  No smearing at all.  A read a few blog posts with differing results but someone wrote that the key was to get a cheap mug for the project because the glaze will melt easier and allow the marker ink to set.

I’ll keep you posted as to how it holds up in the dishwasher!
UPDATE:  Did not survive a trip through the dishwasher.  The design is completely gone.   I’m going to try again and bake it at a higher temp. 
UPDATE 2:  I baked it at 425 for 30 minutes and have hand washed it with no problems at all.  I’m not quite brave enough to send it back through the dishwasher though.  A second try on the design ended up being much cuter anyway!  So here is Porch Sittin’ Coffee Drinkin’ version 2.0!  I think it is even cuter than v.1.  I used a gold sharpie paint pen to fill in the open space in the letters and that gives it a little something extra.

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