The Unforeseen Danger of Bunkbeds

Remember those bunk beds I bought to bribe the girls to sleep in their own bed?

Castle Bunk Bed

Remember how sure of myself I was?

Remember how I even titled the post like a tutorial {How to get your kids to sleep in their own bed…}

Let’s be honest.  That lasted all of two weeks until we went on vacation and the girls and I shared a bed.  When we came back home the allure of the castle bed was long gone and there was no going back for them.

We will always remember those two weeks though.  And nothing in life is without consequence. 

Actually, it’s hard to forget them since we have a lasting souvenir due to arrive at the end of April as a memento of those two weeks.

Yep.  Chamanda III is on his or her way.

It’s been an entirely different experience this time around.  Maybe its because I’m 5 years older or maybe its been long enough since the last one that I forgot how brutal being pregnant was but I’ve been struggling.

It hasn’t helped that it coincided with my busiest/highest travel month of the year at work.

So that’s why I haven’t been around as much.  I’ve got no new projects.  I arrived an hour early to a doctor’s appointment and chose to just take a nap in the car verses perusing the aisles at Target. 

I’ve just been surviving…homework…work…preschool…hitting three states in two weeks (4 if you count layovers)…

But we’re excited about this new adventure and the chance to experience that sweet baby stage one more time.

So, if you see me in real life and I look terrible with un-flat-ironed hair and no make up…now you know why.

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