Trick or Treat at the Palace

We did Trick or Treating at Tryon Palace the Saturday before Halloween.  We totally found out about this at the last minute and the girls’ Halloween costumes hadn’t even come in yet.  We threw on a few dress up outfits and dashed out of the house. 

McKenna had been to the gardens before but Avery had not.  They are both begging to go back and take the inside tour at Christmas now!

We visited the Blacksmith’s shop first.

And made a little ghost craft out of yarn.

We enjoyed the gardens.  This happens to be the same spot I had my Bridal portraits taken almost 10 years ago! Where has the time gone?

We played goblin games (aka Corn Hole) on the lawn.

The stables were the spookiest stop of all. McKenna was pretty skeptical about the spell she was casting to make candy.

Avery loved running through the “maze garden.”  This happens to be the same spot I almost broke my ankle two years ago taking Sister’s Bridal portraits.

We also got to go in a historic home on the grounds that is rarely open to the public.  It has no heat, air, plumbing or electricity.  (I absolutely would not have lasted more than 5 minutes back then.)
The event was free for children in costumes and $10 for adults.  The tickets also included admission to the Pepsi Family Center at the History Center.  None of us had been before and the girls had the best time traveling back in time to 1835.  The center is loaded with hands on activities that teach children about life in 1835.

In the kitchen, they helped the cook find all the ingredients for Turtle Soup.  They also got to design their own quilt and help a general store owner find all of the items on a purchase order.

They even have a little ship with different activities to sail out of the harbor.

We had a great day and I’m so glad we decided to drop everything and go!  It seems like we rarely have time to do anything spur of the moment since we have somewhere to be almost every day of the week.

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