Christmas…Plays and Such

I’m posting in reverse a little here but I had to share a few pictures of our Christmas Cantata at church and a few from Christmas morning.

Instead of having a Christmas play this year, we added a few theatrics to the choir’s annual cantata.  The holidays are so busy already it is difficult to find a time to rehearse that fits everyones schedule.  Even with our few sparse rehearsals, we didn’t have a single one with everyone present.  So it was good that most of the parts were “low maintenance.”

I even had to finagle my uncle into a Wise Man role when we had a last minute illness to contend with.  He’s such a good sport.

McKenna’s class did a little creative moment number to one of the songs.

And then we had about the cutest Nativity scene ever.  See my little angel on the left?

And my sweet girl was in the “modern family” scene during the finale.

And the show certainly wouldn’t have gone on without these two.  They had what I consider to be the worst job in the whole production…corralling and directing the children in between numbers.

It turned out great in the end.  I always think about having myself committed when we’re trying to get these little productions going but they always turn out fine in the end.

And once we got the play out of the way, there was nothing standing between us and Christmas!  Santa could have skipped our house all together (thankfully he didn’t!)  These girls entertained themselves for 3 hours with this cardboard box on Christmas Eve.

On Christmas Eve we ate dinner with Chad’s family and Aunt Misty helped the girls spread a little magic reindeer food before bed.
And we headed to Granna’s on Christmas morning for breakfast where we ran into some of our favorite people!

And with some more of our favorites on Christmas night…

And how stinking cute is this little guy?
And here’s our annual family picture in front of Mom’s tree.  (Notice my strategically placed child hiding the baby bump)

And that, my friends, was our very wonderful Christmas!

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