Twas the Day After Christmas…

T’was the day after Christmas,
and all through the house,
were toys, games and boxes
and bits of wrapping paper all about.

McKenna is nestled
all snug in my bed,
nursing a terrible cough
that we’ll all probably get.

Avery is in her room,
watching a new DVD,
playing with 20 toys at once
and planning her next party.

The rain has stopped
and Chad went back to work.
Three days at home with us
and he about went berserk.

I’m itching to go shopping
for those after-Christmas deals,
And maybe some cough syrup
to make sure Sister heals.

We had a very Merry Christmas
of that I am sure.
But I’m glad I have another year
to prepare for even more.

I cooked my first turkey
and it turned out just fine.
But when I cleaned it before cooking,
I thought I might die.

(AHEM…There is gross STUFF in there, y’all!)

And that was our Christmas,
wrapped in a nutshell,
Wishing you peace, joy and happiness,
and a little magic as well!

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