We had a positively precious Easter. It’s so much fun to celebrate all the “first” with Miranda like we did with the older girls.

We met Mr. Easter Bunny a couple of weeks ago!

On the day before Easter we celebrated with an Easter Egg hunt at church. How cute are those little bunny ear clips?

Miss Avery racked up on eggs and candy!

I was in charge of the devotion before the egg hunt and I used this one from Pinterest.  It’s a wonderful one to tie eggs filled with candy to the true meaning of Easter…that Jesus is ALIVE!

Avery alerted our household at 3:30am on Sunday that the Easter Bunny had visited is and begged me to get up and see the loot. I managed to hold her off until 7am.

A photo posted by @amandaatthebaybush on
A photo posted by @amandaatthebaybush on

We snapped a couple of pictures before church of the girls and I.  This was (unfortunately) before I was able to “put my face on” as my Grandmother would say.

Side note: Who is the sassy tweenager and where is my eight year old?!?

And we snapped this one after church so we would have one with Daddy Chaddy (he does exist).

Most days I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I am truly blessed! 

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