Spring Table Setting

I’m in the throws of tax season but I did find a few moments to dress up my dining room tables for Easter!  Here are both of my Spring Tablescapes!

The Formal Dining Room:

I’ve said it before but my formal dining room is my favorite room in the house because it’s the only one that always stays clean.  And staying clean with little to no effort on my part is a fast track to a special place in my heart.


I’ve had these placemats and napkins since the first year we were married and I still love them!  I usually use them in the kitchen but I decided to let them bring a little pop of color to the formal dining room.
I used two layers of place mats, with a solid white on the bottom and the colorful one on top.  The white ones made the flower place mats stand out a little more.
I keep my table set all the time and I’m not exactly sure why since we never eat in there.  I guess its because it’s too pretty to keep boxed up all the time and it just makes me happy!

The Kitchen Table

And here is a look at the kitchen table…I added a few chick placemats and my DIY Easter Centerpiece from last year and called it a day.


It’s a fun and casual addition to the kitchen.


Do you like to change out your table settings or is it just me?  I find that having the table set keeps me from dumping all of the random things (mail, paperword, car keys etc!) on the table.

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