Avery’s First Dance Recital

Miss Averycakes danced in her first recital a couple of weeks ago. I volunteered to be one of the Stage Moms (think the opposite of Dance Moms) and had so much fun backstage with the girls. There were only ten girls in her class but they kept us (myself and the other Mom volunteer) busy!

Aren’t they the cutest?

I snapped a few pictures from backstage from the wings. (Avery is second from the right.)  I took this picture during their jazz dance to “Down in New Orleans.” It was Avery’s favorite!DSC_1099They danced their ballet to Tim McGraw’s “My Little Girl.”  It was so precious! A group of teenagers in the same costumes came in and danced with them during this song.  It was a bittersweet reminder of how quickly they grow up. You can see the big girls in the wings if you look closely.

We snapped a quick family picture (bunny ears and all) and hit the road.  I was completely exhausted.  I only logged 3,500 steps but it felt more like 35,000.DSC_1121-001

And one more with her dance teacher!

Mrs Amy

I’m so glad that Avery wanted to take dance this year!  This is the same studio that my sister and I took dance lessons many moons ago although it has a different owner now.  It brings back lots of memories to be back in the same building where I spent so much time as a child.

McKenna decided to do a dance camp with Avery this summer!  Hopefully she will have so much fun that she will want to sign back up for dance next year. I hope she loves it! Her Mama certainly does.

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