Miranda’s First Birthday

We celebrated our sweet girl’s first birthday a couple of months ago.  I was taking a little blog break then and I’d be remiss if I never shared any pictures from her little party.  We decided to keep it simple and have a little party at our church’s fellowship hall and invited our families and a few close friends.

I spent the day before the party decorating.  As soon as I got there to decorate (by myself) I sat my cellphone, wallet and keys down and went to get a load of decorations from the car.  I didn’t realize that the door locked automatically when it shut so I was locked out of the fellowship hall.  The Pastor was not at home and I ended up walking half a mile down the road to find someone to rescue me. So that was how things started off.

But on to the party…

I did a half way decent job of taking my girls picture with her monthly stickers*.  I used a decorative paper clip to attach the picture to a piece of white card stock and a pink number I cut with my cricut.

Monthly picture banner first birthday

I was sort of at a loss for what the older kids could do at the party.  I ended up making a hopscotch and tic tac toe board from Washi tape* on the carpet.  (I wouldn’t recommend doing this on regular carpet but this was a really short berber so it was fine.) first birthday party decorations

I hung the streamer backgrounds* (using the same Washi tape as the hop scotch).  The pink one on the high chair looks purple in the pictures but it was really more of a pink color.

smash cake

Our sweet girl missed her nap the day of the party and was a little dazed the entire time.  She enjoyed her smash cake once she figure out what to do with it.


Miranda loves her big sisters so much! I love watching them interact and establishing their relationship as sisters.


This sweet baby makes me and her Daddy so happy.


I never imagined having a third baby but now I can’t imagine life without her!  She is so sweet and happy.  She brings us so much joy.  Some days I have to pinch myself and ask how I got so lucky. We are incredibly blessed she’s in our family!


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