Best Taco Recipe Pinterest – Oven Baked Tacos

I wanted to pop in and share the absolute best taco recipe that I’ve found Pinterest so far.  What did we do in a world before Pinterest? There are so many ideas good ideas out there! I think I could pin all day long!

I made these Oven Baked Tacos last night and they were delicious!  Even my little Avery likes them and she survives on a diet of green apples, peanut butter and Happy Meals.

Best Taco Recipe

I found the recipe on Pinterest last summer and it has been in our rotation of meals ever since!

I followed the recipe on Pinterest except I used Stand and Stuff Taco Shells (instead of flour tortillas). We were out of lettuce and sour cream but I’m the only one who eats much lettuce or sour cream so no one seemed to mind.

I love a good recipe that is quick and easy!  It only takes 45 minutes from start to finish.

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What is your quick and easy go-to recipe? I’d love to hear!

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