The Last Day of School

I’m a little behind schedule here but I have to share our last day of school.  The first day of school will be rolling around again before we know it. I do not know where this year went. My little Avery finished Kindergarten and our oldest finished the third grade.  I am so glad to be free from lunch box packing duty and trying to beat the school’s tardy bell every morning! (We did the tardy bell walk of shame more than once this year. Okay, more than twice. Okay, more than three times…I could keep going here.)

They both had wonderful, supportive teachers who pushed them to succeed.  We are so proud of the growth they’ve shown in the last year.

So proud of Miss McKenna and all of her hard work this year!

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This was McKenna’s first year taking EOGs and it was a much bigger deal than I expected.  In my mind, I thought it was just a test they would take at the end of the year.  That was not the case.  There were BOG (beginning of year) tests and benchmarks throughout the year and after-school tutoring for the last month before the EOG.  I could tell that she was stressed out about it by the comments she would make at home…what if I don’t pass my EOG?  In the end, all of the stressing was for nothing and she did great on her EOGs.  I just feel sad that the teachers have to spend so much of their precious teaching time focusing strategies for taking these tests and all of these benchmark assessments.  And most of all, I’m sad for the students.  Stress and adulthood come all too soon and I hate that they are spending their days stressing about a number on an arbitrary test.  We are so thankful that she tests well and I hope my other two girls will be as lucky.  But I know that there are children out there who are just as smart, but do not test well.  I will get off my soap box now…

Last day of Kindergarten! So bittersweet!

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One more of our graduate!

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Miss Avery grew so much this year!  She loved Kindergarten and her teacher.  Her teacher said that she was “full of personality.”  I can only imagine the things she said in class if they are anything like the stuff she says at home.

They had the sweetest little “Celebration” for completing Kindergarten.  Here is a clip of her saying her part. 

Here’s to another year!

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