How to Make a Model Guinea Pig

Okay.  On the random scale, I am off the charts today with this post.  But maybe it will help some poor parent doing a project with their child the night before its due like I was.  I’m going to share a little tutorial on how to make a model guinea pig with you.

When Avery’s kindergarten class did their unit on “farms” they each got to pick a farm animal to do a project on.  Avery picked a guinea pig.  Now we live on a farm but it’s not the kind of farm with animals (other than my 9 cats – a post for another day)!  I didn’t even know what a guinea pig was much less how to make a model of one.  I consulted my good friend Mr. Google and found a few pictures but no real instructions on how to make one.

This is a guinea pig (for the record).


Here’s what you need to make a model of it.

  • Empty Metal Can (I used another one of the 40 leftover formula cans I’m hoarding for no apparent reason)
  • Feather Boa (I found this white one at Michaels)
  • Dog Nose (ours came off some candy from the Easter bunny but here’s a (affiliate link) similar one on Amazon
  • Tape
  • Hot glue gun
  • Black Construction Paper

how to make a guinea pig

First, we attached the dog nose to the can, using regular tape.

how to make a guinea pig

Then we used a hot glue gun to attach the feather boa.  We started at the bottom and started wrapping it around the can until it was completely covered.
guinea pig tutorial

Avery drew eyes and ears on black construction paper and cut them out.  We glued them onto the guinea pig’s face.
how to make a guinea pig

She also had to have a display about guinea pigs that included a photo of a guinea pig and at lease three facts about guinea pigs. I let her pick the images from a google search and she also picked out facts from google to include on the board. I really wanted to intervene and write them for her but I resisted and she wrote them herself.  We added green construction paper grass at the bottom since one of her facts was that guinea pigs “eat a lot of grass.”
guinea pig project

Avery’s project turned out pretty cute and she got a good grade on it as well.  I wish I could have been there to hear her oral presentation!

And to the poor soul reading this who just googled “how to build a model guinea pig” for a project that is due tomorrow…Don’t worry.  It won’t take long to make.  You got this.

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