Mission Organization: Closet Rescue | Final Thoughts

Mission Organization: Closet Rescue has been so much fun for me!  I got to partner with two amazing bloggers.  They motivated me to stick to the plan and get my closet cleaned out!  Today I’m sharing my favorite parts of their makeovers.


First up is Tori’s closet.  She purged so much stuff that she was able to clear out a ton of space.  Shoes all lined up in a row makes my heart so happy!  It’s the little things y’all!

Photo credit: www.messtoblessed.com

Tori is giving away this fabulous hanger she made from re-claimed wood!  She is using them to hang her and her hubby’s robes.  To enter share and comment on her Facebook page!  Isn’t it gorgeous?  I love the reclaimed wood in combination with the crystal knobs!

Photo credit: www.messtoblessed.com

Next, Beth had so much room in her closet after a massive purge that she turned it into a room of its own!

Photo credit: www.so.muchmoore.net

I love all the sentimental touches and that laundry basket is just gorgeous!

Photo Credit: www.somuchmoore.net

She also covered cardboard boxes to create storage but hers are actually sewn because she has mad sewing skills!  But my favorite part is the shelf covers she made to cover her wire shelves so that nothing falls through the cracks!  How smart is she?

Beth and I are doing a giveaway for a surprise prize!  Don’t forget to enter it here!  There will be two winners!  One will receive a prize from Beth and the other will receive a prize from me!  So don’t miss out!

Check out each of our finished closets!  You can find Beth’s here, Tori’s here and mine here.

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That’s a wrap for Mission Organization: Closet Rescue!  What room do you want to see next in Mission Organization?  Leave a comment and let us know!


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  1. Woohoo for completed projects! I thoroughly enjoyed doing this with you and look forward to more collaborations! Now it’seems the books and office … pray for me! BTW- I love your cozy front porch toI ?

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