Mission Organization: Closet Rescue – Phase 1 Highlights

Welcome to the Phase 1 highlights!

I shared my closet purge along with my friends, Tori at Mess to Blessed and Beth from So Much Moore on Monday as Phase 1 of Mission Organization: Closet Rescue.


The main focus of our Mission Organization series is to teach us to embrace what we have and make it work for you.  We all have different goals, skills and talents that we can use to make a space that is right for us.  I see so many amazing and gorgeous closets on Pinterest that I love.  However, they wouldn’t work for me, at this stage of life, in this house.  But that shouldn’t stop me from creating a closet that I love.  That’s what Mission Organization is all about…making your space work for you!

That’s why I’m so excited to highlight three very different closets today!

Tori was able to purge 50 items!

Tori closet purgeHer closet is on the upper level of their farmhouse so is creative in the way she makes the most of the slanted ceilings by storing her shoes on top!


You can see Tori’s closet after the purge here!

Beth’s method for purging was a little different from my own.  She started by taking everything out of the closet and only putting the items she wanted to keep back in.

purge-bed (2)

Take a look at her closet before…
And you can check out her after-purge closet here.

Now I want to feature a before and after from one of the readers playing along at home!  It makes it so much fun to know that we are all doing this together!

Here is a peek at Blair’s closet before the purge.  Blair writes that she hadn’t been able to really organize since they moved into their new home.  Joining Mission Organization: Closet Rescue gave her a chance to focus on the project and complete it.  In fact, you can see from the pictures that she has already skipped to the end and fully finished and styled her closet!  Check out the pictures below!


How cute is the Marilyn picture?  It’s perfect for a closet!


Blair makes her closet work for her family by storing craft supplies in a corner nook of her closet.  Here’s a look at the before…
And a look at the after…

Thank you so much for participating, Blair!

I’ll be back with another post on Friday and then on Monday, Beth, Tori and I will share Mission Organization: Closet Rescue – Phase 2 {The DIYs}!  I’m sure you know it already but the DIYing is my favorite part!

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