Mission Organization: Closet Rescue – Phase 2 – The DIYs

Yay!  It’s DIY time!  Last week I shared the purge phase of Mission Organization and today I’m sharing the DIY projects I used in my closet.


Without giving away too much about the final makeover, here are the DIY projects that I used.  My goal was to do as much as possible with items I already had around the house.

First up…Upcycling boxes with fabric!

This is certainly not a new idea but I still wanted to use it in my closet.  I took diaper boxes and an Amazon prime box and covered them in fabric using a hot glue gun.  First, I cut the top flaps of the box off with an Exacto Knife.


To keep the writing on the outside of the box from showing through the fabric, I took it apart and folded it back up inside outwards.  I bought all this fabric on clearance years ago but already used some to sew this little valance for my Sister’s laundry room.


Then I wrapped the box with the fabric almost like a gift box using a hot glue gun instead of glue.


Finally, I added a metal book-plate (by Martha Stewart) that I bought forever ago. (I’ve been intending to get organized for a long time.)  I put it near the bottom to make it easier to read from the top shelf since I’m half blind.


My next project was to label the shelves in the closet.  I feel like a psychopath even writing that.  I’m not a naturally organized person at all.  I have to work at it.  I’ve found that the easier I make the system, the more likely I will be to stick to it.  Also, labeling the shelves makes it easier for the rest of the family to help put away the laundry!


Here is an affiliate link to a similar label maker to the one that I have.


Finally, I DIYed this little jewelry hanger.  Most of my jewelry is in a little nook under my shoes but some of my necklaces are too long to hang in there.  So I whipped up this little hanger.  Y’all.  The picture does not do it justice!  It’s so cute in real life.  When I hung it up, it was already dark outside and I couldn’t get a good picture.  I will share a full tutorial for this project a little later.


Literally, the only thing I had to buy for these three DIY projects was (affiliate link) the hardware for the Jewelry Hanger.  I had everything else stuffed in a closet somewhere…even the wood for the jewelry hanger.  I’m so glad I could put it all to good use in my closet!

Check back on Wednesday when I will highlight Tori and Beth‘s DIYs!  Leave a comment below to get your makeover featured too!

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  1. Sooooo I pretty much label everything and, crazy or not, it makes life so much easier! And now I know what to do with the glass knobs I’ve hung on to for YEARS!!! Love it!

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