Boo from the Bay Bush {Halloween Porch}

I shared my Fall Porch a few weeks ago.  Today, I’m back sharing a couple of additions to get it ready for Halloween!


If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook,  you probably saw me making another ghost for the porch during Hurricane Matthew.  That was before we lost power for three days.


I made the ghosts for my older girls ages ago but the baby had to have one too!

I wanted to have one taller than the others so I had to get a little creative with the frames.   First, I used the back of ones of my chairs and two tomato cages.


Then I wrapped a strand of 140 Christmas lights around the chair back and tomato cages.  (You could use several strands if you want more lights.)


Then I slid the ghosts over the chair back and tomato cages.  The ghosts are made of white felt that cut into the shape of a ghost and hot-glued together.  I also cut the letters and eyes from felt and hot-glued onto the white felt.


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They are fun, easy and quick project! That’s my favorite kind!


I shared a picture of these beauties glowing at night on Instagram. How seriously stinking cute are they?

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On the other side, I carried the spider theme from the mantle and dining room to the porch!  I found this fuzzy spider at the Dollar Tree and used twine and these (affiliate) command hooks to make the web.


Between the command hooks and the rails on my porch, I was able to weave a web with the string.



I left the plastic tags on the spiders and used those to attach them to the web! And I’m happy to report that I weaved my little web before the Hurricane and it survived!

What’s your favorite way to decorate for Halloween?

p.s. I’m linking up to Home Stories A to Z!

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