Lilly Pulitzer Monogram Shower

Hey y’all!  We have survived Hurricane Matthew! I have electricity again! And I’m back to share a little Monogram Shower my sister and I hosted last month.  I can’t tell you how happy I when our electricity turned back on last night after over two days without it.  I am so thankful for all of the first responders, linemen and volunteers who help to keep everyone safe during storms like Hurricane Matthew.

My little “Sissy” is getting married soon! My Sister and I wanted to have a little monogram shower for her.  I volunteered to have it at my house since Sister already has a lot going on with two small kids and a third one on the way that only I knew about at the time!

I cleaned for weeks y’all.  Weeks.  You think you’re a pretty decent housekeeper until you are faced with expecting 30 people to come over. Then you start to question things a little.   Anyway, I prayed for a heart of hospitality and it all worked out in the end.

After weeks of cleaning, the day of the shower arrived!  We were busy as bees getting everything set up.  I moved the furniture in the living room around a little to add more seating.  Sissy loves Lilly Pulitzer so that was our inspiration for the party decorations.

Sister and I made this corsage for her to wear from felt, wooden letters, ribbon and Lilly inspired vinyl. It’s held together with hot glue and safety pins. (I love making corsages out of non-floral items because it gives the guest of honor a sweet momento from the shower that won’t wilt and die!  Here’s a link to a similar corsage I made for Sister’s baby shower.)


The girls and I had fun adding a few monograms to the side walk with sidewalk chalk!


How cute is the Lilly tablecloth?  (Confession:  I couldn’t find a tablecloth in a pattern that I loved so I (affiliate) ordered a new shower curtain from Amazon and used it instead!  I took one of the leafs out of the table so it would be long enough.  I intended to fold the edge with the grommets under with tape but I never got around to it and no one seemed the wiser.)  It was such a fun punch of Lilly for the table!  The flowers and blue lanterns were relocated from another room.



I made the little cupcake toppers with the Bride’s new monogram on them and taped them to toothpicks using washi tape.


I thought it would be fun to add these little umbrellas to the punch.  Who doesn’t love an umbrella in their punch?


I got a ton of pictures of the food and hardly any of the decorations in the living room.  I’m not sure how that happened.  Here is a picture of my sweet Sissy with her corsage!  I found the DIY bunting here. On the mantle, I covered a blank wooden frame from Michaels with Lilly Inspired Vinyl and added on of Sissy’s engagement photos.


I think everyone had a great time and Sissy got lots of stuff with her new monogram.  I think we are ready to marry her off now!


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