For those of you who are new to the Bay Bush, I have an ongoing series called “Smitten” where I share things that I like or enjoy at the moment.  Sometimes it’s just one thing and other times it’s several little things.

So I present to you…another edition of Smitten!

Frosted Coffee

I have a new-found obsession with these Frosted Coffees from Chic-fil-a!  Its kind of like an Ice-dream and coffee frosty… Do not confuse this with the Iced Coffee on their menu, which is something else entirely.  You want the Frosted Coffee!  And its only around 300 calories for a large…not exactly a healthy snack but still less calories than Starbucks and about $2 cheaper.  (And I’m always into gold glitter flats!)


All the Pretty Things

Next on the list is All The Pretty Things by Edie Wadsworth.  Edie has been one of my long time favorite bloggers. She blogs at Life in Grace.  The book is an autobiography of her life.  She has a beautiful home and family in East Tennessee and left her job as a physician several years ago to be a homemaker and homeschool her younger daughters.  I must confess to thinking her life was pretty close to perfect and ordered the book out of curiosity more than anything.  It’s her story to tell (and I’m only half way through) but it’s an interesting look at the personal and spiritual effects of an absentee parent and poverty from an insider perspective.

Kill a Word

I love Eric Church!  My “real” job has me up all hours of the night working these days and I saw him perform this song on Jimmy Kimmel a few nights ago.  I have been totally smitten with it ever since!  Here’s a link to the video on Youtube.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen and heard a lot of words I’d like to do away with lately.

I’m not going to delve into the whole political debate any further than to say this…I don’t know who the winner will be but I know who is going to lose.

On a lighter note, I think the Presidential debate would have been a lot more entertaining if it had been a dance off like this video…


Have you heard about Ibotta?  It’s a coupon app and is the best one I’ve tried.  It seems to have more coupons for items that I normally buy than the other I tried.  I’ve already accumulated over $75 in the last six months! For example, today I used a rebate for whole milk for $.25, carrots $.25 and any brand diapers $.25.   Although $.75 isn’t a lot, it’s more than I would have gotten otherwise, it was for stuff that I would have purchased anyway and you can use this in addition to store coupons.  The diapers (Luvs) were on sale for $6.99, then I got a $2 e-coupon from the store and an additional $.25 off from Ibotta.  Every little bit helps!

Here is a link to join! Use this link in the next two weeks to join and you will automatically get $10 to start off your account!

So that wraps up another edition of Smitten!  What are you smitten with at the moment?  Leave a comment to let everyone know!

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